Connex World is a New Zealand  based organisation, committed to using the power of multimedia to bring business processes, skillsets &  people together.


Connex world started in 2017 as the brain child of Peter, Yen, Scott and Evelyn. They realised that in this day and age it was difficult for young people, often fresh out of school, to showcase their skillsets in the digital age and to stand out from the crowd.

Their vision is using the power of video to help people showcase themselves and their skillsets, hence the slogan trust in motion was born.  As the company developed, they realised not just (young) jobseekers “were in need of” the of a good way to showcase their skillsets, but that Trust in Motion was also in demand within organisations.

Nowadays Connex World uses Trust in Motion to bring people, process and skills together, promoting a collaborative mindset, whether it is Learning Management, Recruitment Consultancy or Health and Safety.

Corporate social responsibility is a key part of Connex World’s ethos. Connex World prides itself on supporting the community, with projects  such as promoting volunteering initiative for Habitat for Humanity, or showcasing research development for the Cancer Society