Finding a job is very important, especially if you move to another country - it can be more difficult. When it comes to search job, internet is a very good way to go. There are a lot of website you can look into and assess if it caters to your skills and capabilities. In New Zealand, websites such as ‘Seek’, ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘TradeMeJobs’ can be very useful. ‘Seek’ have good job search engine this site integrate most of the job search website.

Make sure you have a Resume/CV that reflects your experience, skills, capabilities etc etc. But if there are skills which you believe cannot be fully expressed in words, I highly recommend that you use Connex World. The website offers job seekers a way to develop and show your skills using a video. Not only it gives you the confidence in being able to assess/review your journey, it gives you the satisfaction to see how far you have come from and be proud of the what you have achieved.

Friends and social network can also be very useful, they are likely to give you chance to introduce to job vacancies where they work. Some of companies hires based on personal recommendations. Best advice: ALWAYS keep a good relationship. In my case I go to Church, it is free and easy to join every Sunday. Sometimes they give free food and also free English class especially to migrants who want to improve their English.

Additionally, you can try use the 'Meet Up' website which is for people to meet those of similar similar hobby, interests or thinking. From experience 'Toast Master' is very useful. This meet up provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication skills.

Most important is attitude; there is no easy thing in the world. Keep in your mind, NEVER give up and you can get that best job.

About the author:

William Kim is a proactive IT professional from South Korea. He is currently part of Connex World's SocMed team which helps encourage people to realise and be more confident their potentials and skills. William loves mountain climbing, which explains his move to New Zealand.