Running into a limitation is very much like running into an obstacle, but with one big difference, it is an obstacle you may not be able to overcome. So here you are, you have tackled all your obstacles, found confidence where you never thought you'd find it and didn't give up where others would have. Great, you have made it this far (is that a light at the end of the tunnel?), and then there is just one more curve ball. You find out that you are not very good at what your goals was and what you dreamed off

The reasons for the above can be all kinds, if you have a bad knee, chances are you will never be a world-class marathon runner, if you are colourblind, becoming a painter could be a bit of a challenge and being tone deaf doesn't help you in becoming the next Mick Jagger (or who ever tickles your fancy).

We are often told that as long as we do something we truly love we will always be successful in it. That bubble I am going to burst sadly, because there is quite some nuance in that.

If it is just a hobby, something you enjoy to pass the time, something you want to be as good in as you possibly can, but which is not your bread and butter, then there isn't much of an issue. By all means enjoy, grow, accept your limits and certainly never give up!

However if it is something you need to rely on, to provide a career and a living, it does become more challenging. When you run into a limitation like that it is time to take a step back an re-evaluate. Ask yourself, how much does it impact my dream? Am I just not very good at it or do I lack a certain talent, but can I train to become better?

If it is a matter of having to work twice as hard as the other person ask yourself, is it worth it? Chances are if it is your dream, then the answer would be "Yes". So in that scenario by all means go for it, treat it as another obstacle and face it. Accept you will never be the greatest in the world in it, but sometimes (above) average or sort of good is enough to lead a fulfilling life, and that is what it is all about after all, we can't all be the greatest in everything, I know I certainly have my limitations, and I found them by running into them. All these run-ins were/are valuable because it taught me a lot about myself, my abilities and about letting go.

As mentioned above, I have my fair share of limitations, I am human after-all, some of those limitations I managed to tackle in at least such a way that i was "above average" or "sort off OK" in dealing with them, though I know they are there and i will avoid them if I can , knowing I can tackle them if i must.

But what about the other kind, the kind you know you are absolutely no good at, at all, even though you would settle for just average if you only could, those sadly are the ones you have to let go of. Throughout my life and my career I have discovered I am absolutely no good at certain things. I look back at those with a smile, a cringe and even the odd nightmare, but most of all I look back at those with an " I tried.. it wasn't for me and now I know". In the end it made me a better person, because it is something you cannot learn from a book or a powerpoint.

I will end with this though. As your experiences grow, you will grow, if you were shockingly bad at something 20 years ago, life's lessons may have equipped you to be better at it now. So don't hesitate to revisit, just realize you are taking a risk. However the most important thought is: Don't ever let anyone tell you, you are no good at something. No one but you can determine that and you can only find out by me I know from experience.

Technical Advisor/Social Media Ambassador
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